Katacombes is all about supporting the local scenes, and that includes when selecting our beers! We are proud to boast that 90% of all of our alcoholised products are from various parts of Quebec. Indeed, offering our clientele with such delicious beers as Boréal, L’ Alchimiste, La Barberie (organic, too!) and many more! If you are seeking a little local adventure, come on over to Katacombes and treat your taste buds to an array of home-brewed delights!

For the less adventurous amongst you, fear not; we also have all of the classic liqueurs and hard alcohols that you’ve sworn by all these years. We do support ethical companies however, so you can feel good about any drink you order with us.

Please, let our Bar staff impress you!

*Prices and products are liable to change without notice,yet we will always remain mainly local*