The cooperative is mainly a venue but holds some resident monthly thematic nights:
• The Improvisation league LIKE. (Every Monday – break in June, resumed in September)
• Wednesday Swing Nights – dance and swing with a live band.
• Les Thirsty Thursdays: Punk rock tribute night with live bands and dj.
• Metal Up Your Ass: Old school metal tribute night with live bands and dj.
• Riot Thursdays: Flavoured political Punk and oi! night with live bands and dj, in collaboration with Dure Réalité.
• Le Cabaret des Gens Heureux: Cabaret night with folk bands, in collaboration with Coop Coup d’Griffe.

Weekends are mainly reserved for shows but there are sometimes big evenings DJ as the evening Nevermore ( Gothic-industrialist), The Ball in Black (Fetish), etc.