Katacombes is a Solidarity Coop founded in 2006 by ex-owners of OBNL L’X’s bar, Janick Langlais and Claudie Boulet. Officially opened November 3rd 2006as a working coop, it has since held a great number of diverse local music festivals, after parties as well as comedy shows and themed events. A couple of it’s home grown festivals include Varning From Montreal, and Wings of Metal, to name a few.

It is a Co-op, meaning that our values and ethical moral code are extremely important to us. We support local Quebec companies, believe strongly in protecting the environment and use recyclable plastic cups.

We believe that there are ways to remain true to ourselves while still thriving in a business, and year after year we proudly show it.


In addition to being a solidarity cooperative, Katacombes is a social business that devotes itself to raising funds for the Montreal metropolis’ artistic community. We support artistic projects; whether it be in offering a space for creating, expressing, producing or exhibiting.

Katacombes provides tailored service to every individuals needs in a hope that local artists may find solace in our venue and display their art to the public. Katacombes proudly hosts artists of all sorts, whether they are painters, jewelry makers or even dance teachers. We are all about what Montreal and Quebec has to offer.

Come discover your local talents!